Hyundai Tucson Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Tucson: Accessing Your Vehicle / Smart Key

Your HYUNDAI may be equipped with a smart key that can be used to lock or unlock the doors liftgate, and start the engine.

1 Door lock
2 Door unlock
3 Liftgate Unlock (Manual liftgate)
Liftgate Open/Close (Power liftgate)
4 Panic
5 Forward
6 Backward
7 Remote start

Replacing the battery
Battery type: CR2032 To replace the battery: 1. Insert a slim tool into the slot and gently open the cover. 2. Remove the old battery and insert a new one. Make sure the battery position is ...

Locking your vehicle
Button type To lock: 1. Close all doors. 2. Have the smart key with you. 3. Press the door handle button or press the Door Lock button ...

Other information:

Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2023 Owner's Manual: Remote key precautions
The remote key may not work if any of the following occur: The key is in the ignition switch. The maximum operating distance limit is exceeded (about 32 feet (10 m)). The remote key battery is weak. Other vehicles or objects may block the signals. The weather is extremely cold. ...

Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2023 Owner's Manual: Smart Cruise Control disabled
If the front radar is covered or blocked, its detecting performance is reduced, and Smart Cruise Control is temporarily limited or disabled. The "Smart Cruise Control disabled. Radar blocked" warning message may appear on the instrument cluster. If Smart Cruise Control does not operate ...

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