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Hyundai Tucson: If You Decide to Pull a Trailer / Towing a trailer - Maximum towing limits

The following table indicates the maximum trailer weight for your vehicle. Do not exceed the maximum allowable trailer weight. The maximum trailer weight includes the weight of the trailer, any cargo, and equipment or items attached to the trailer. The towing load in excess of these limits can seriously affect vehicle steering and performance, and may damage the engine and drivetrain.

Any additional weight, cargo, or accessories in your vehicle will reduce the maximum trailer weight and corresponding tongue load limits.

    Tongue load
    The tongue load is extremely important when setting up your trailer for towing with your vehicle. Excessive tongue load reduces front tire traction and steering control. For example, too lit ...

    Towing Equipment and Accessories
    Hitches Make sure that all equipment is properly installed and maintained, and that it meets federal, state, and local regulations. Hyundai recommends that you have all trailer hitch equipmen ...

    Other information:

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