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Hyundai Tucson: Driving Your Vehicle / Trailer Towing

Towing a trailer requires experience. The combination of the vehicle and trailer itself is not as responsive as the vehicle by itself. Towing a trailer also requires additional equipment and adequate planning before a trip. Plan your trip according to the speed limits for towing a trailer that may differ from state to state. Always follow the posted speed limits while towing a trailer.

Remember that driving your vehicle with a trailer is different from normal driving. Driving with a trailer causes changes to acceleration, braking, handling and stability, and fuel economy. For safety of you and passengers, do not overload your vehicle or trailer. Refer to the table in this section for the maximum towing capacity and payload.

This section contains important trailering recommendations and safety rules. Many of these recommendations are important considerations for the safety of you and your passengers. Be sure to read this section carefully and plan ahead before towing a trailer.


To prevent serious injury or death:

  • If you do not use correct equipment and/or drive improperly, you can lose control of the vehicle when you are pulling a trailer. For example, if the trailer is too heavy, the braking performance may be reduced. Pull a trailer only if you have followed all the steps in this section.
  • Before towing, make sure the total trailer weight, GCW (Gross Combination Weight), GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), GAW (Gross Axle Weight), and trailer tongue load are all within the limits.
  • When you tow a trailer, make sure to turn off the Idle Stop and Go system.
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If You Decide to Pull a Trailer
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