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Hyundai Tucson: Trailer Towing / Towing Equipment and Accessories


Make sure that all equipment is properly installed and maintained, and that it meets federal, state, and local regulations. Hyundai recommends that you have all trailer hitch equipment installed at an authorized Hyundai dealer with factory-recommended accessory parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle.

Here are some rules to follow about hitches:

  • The bumpers on your vehicle are not intended for hitches. Do not attach rental hitches or other bumper-type hitches to them. Use only a framemounted hitch that does not attach to the bumper.
  • Any part of the rear license plate or lighting devices of the vehicle must not be obscured by the mechanical coupling device. If the rear number plate and/or lighting devices can be obscured partially by any part of the mechanical coupling device, mechanical coupling devices that cannot be easily removed or repositioned without use of any tools, except an easily operated (an effort not exceeding 15 lbf.ft (20 Nm) release key that is supplied by the manufacturer of the coupling device, are not permitted for use. Note that the mechanical coupling device that is fitted and not used must always be removed or repositioned if the rear number plate and/or rear lighting devices are obscured by any part of the mechanical coupling device.
  • A HYUNDAI trailer hitches are available from an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Safety chains

Always attach chains between your vehicle and your trailer.

Instructions about safety chains may be provided by the hitch manufacturer or trailer manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation when attaching safety chains. Always leave just enough slack so you can turn with your trailer. And, never allow safety chains to drag on the ground.

Trailer brakes

State or local regulations may require trailers to have their own braking system if the loaded weight of the trailer exceeds certain minimums that can vary from state to state.

Read and follow the instructions for the trailer's braking system when it is installed, adjusted, and maintained properly. Never attempt to tap into your vehicle's hydraulic braking system.


Do not use a trailer with its own brakes unless you are absolutely sure that you have properly set up the braking system. This is not a task for amateurs. Use an experienced, competent trailer shop for this work.

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