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Hyundai Tucson: Climate Control Additional Features / Sunroof Inside Air Recirculation. Auto Dehumidify

Sunroof Inside Air Recirculation (if equipped)

When the sunroof is opened, the fresh mode is automatically selected. If you press the air intake control button, the recirculation mode is selected but changes back to the fresh mode after 3 minutes. When the sunroof is closed, the air intake position returns to the previous position.

Auto Dehumidify (if equipped)

Recirculation mode switches off automatically after 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the outside temperature, and the air intake changes to fresh mode.

Turning Auto Dehumidify ON or OFF

Climate control system

To turn the Auto Dehumidify feature on or off, select Face-level () mode and while holding down the A/C button, press the air intake control () button at least five times within three seconds. When Auto Dehumidify is turned on, the air intake control button indicator blinks 6 times. When turned off, the indicator blinks 3 times.

Infotainment system

Auto Dehumidify can be turned on and off by selecting Setup > Vehicle > Climate > Automatic Ventilation > Auto Dehumidify from the Settings menu.

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