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Hyundai Tucson: Windshield Defrosting and Defogging / Rear Window Defroster


Never use sharp instruments or window cleaners containing abrasives to clean the window to prevent damage to the rear window defroster.

The defroster heats the window to remove frost, fog, and thin ice from the interior and exterior of the rear window, while the engine is running.

  • To activate it, press the rear window defroster button located in the center control panel. The indicator on the rear window defroster button illuminates when the defroster is ON.
  • To turn it off, press the rear window defroster button again.


  • If there is heavy accumulation of snow on the rear window, brush it off before operating the rear defroster.
  • The rear window defroster automatically turns off after about 20 minutes or when the ignition switch is in the LOCK/OFF position.

Side view mirror defroster (if equipped)

The side view mirror defrosters operate when you turn on the rear window defroster.

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