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Hyundai Tucson: Steering Wheel / Steering Wheel Heater

When the ignition switch is in the ON position or when the engine is running, press the steering wheel heater button to warm the steering wheel.

The indicator on the button illuminates.

To turn the steering wheel heater off, press the button again. The indicator on the button turns off.

Auto Comfort Control for Driver

The Automatic Comfort Control feature can control the steering wheel heater operation according to the ambient temperature and set climate control temperature while the engine is running.

  • To use this feature, it can be enabled from the Settings menu in the infotainment system.
    Select: Setup > Vehicle > Seat (or Climate) > Warmer/Ventilation Features > Link to Climate Settings for Auto-Adjustment > Steering Wheel Warmer
  • If the steering wheel heater button is pressed while the Automatic Comfort Control feature is operating, the steering wheel heater operation is controlled manually.
  • The steering wheel heater defaults to the OFF position whenever the ignition switch is ON. However, if the Auto Comfort Control feature is ON, the steering wheel heater turns on and off depending on the outside ambient temperature and the set temperature.


  • The steering wheel heater turns off automatically after about 30 minutes.
  • The infotainment system may change after software updates. For more information, refer to the user’s manual provided in the infotainment system and the quick reference guide.


  • Do not install any cover or accessories on the steering wheel to prevent damage to the steering wheel heater system.
  • Do not strike the steering wheel surface with a sharp-pointed object. This may damage the heating element in the steering wheel.
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