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Hyundai Tucson: Trailer Towing / Maintenance When Towing a Trailer

Your vehicle needs servicing more often when you regularly pull a trailer. Important items to pay particular attention to include engine oil, transmission fluid, axle lubricant, and cooling system fluid. Brake condition is another important item to frequently check. If you are trailering, it is a good idea to review these items before you start your trip. Do not forget to maintain your trailer and hitch. Follow the maintenance schedule that accompanies your trailer and check it periodically. Preferably, conduct checking at the start of each day’s driving. Most importantly, all hitch nuts and bolts must be tight.


To prevent vehicle damage:

  • Due to higher load during trailer use, overheating may occur on hot days or during uphill driving. If the coolant gauge indicates over-heating, switch off the air conditioner and stop the vehicle in a safe area to cool down the engine.
  • Do not switch off the engine while the coolant gauge indicates over-heating. (Keep the engine idle to cool down the engine)
  • When towing, check transmission fluid more frequently.
  • If your vehicle is not equipped with an air conditioner, install a condenser fan to improve the engine performance when towing a trailer.
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