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Hyundai Tucson: Emergency Situations / Hazard Warning Flasher

The hazard warning flashers warn other drivers to exercise extreme caution when approaching, overtaking, or passing your vehicle.

It should be used whenever making emergency repairs or when stopped near the edge of a roadway.

To turn on or off the hazard warning flasher, press the hazard warning flasher button with the ignition switch in any position. The hazard warning flasher button is located in the center fascia panel. All turn signal lights flash simultaneously.

  • • The hazard warning flasher operates whether your vehicle is running or not.
  • • The turn signals do not work when the hazard flasher is on.
    Emergency Situations

    In Case of an Emergency While Driving
    If the Engine Stalls While Driving • Reduce the speed gradually, keeping a straight line. Move cautiously off the road to a safe place. • Turn on your hazard warning flasher. • Try ...

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