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Hyundai Tucson: How to Use the Digital Key (Smartphone Key) / Remotely controlling the vehicle

To use the remote control feature with your Android smartphone, Bluetooth must be turned on.

Remote control connection with digital key

1. Open the Hyundai Digital Key app on your smartphone and select your vehicle.

2. If your app allows, press the connect button and use the remote control functions.

Remote control operation with digital key

You can control several functions including door lock/unlock, panic on/off, remote start/remote stop, and liftgate opening.


You cannot lock your vehicle using the Hyundai Digital Key app if:

  • The Button Start ignition switch is in the ACC or ON position.
  • Any doors are open.

After 5 minutes, the remote control connection is canceled automatically.

Remote start with digital key

Using the Hyundai Digital Key app on your phone, press the Door Lock button and then press the Remote Start button (buttons must be pressed within about 4 seconds). If all the doors of your vehicle are closed (including the hood and the liftgate), the engine is automatically tarted.

When the remote start feature is activated, the hazard warning lights blink two times and a chime sounds before the engine starts. Also note the following:

  • The climate control system comes on using the settings that you last used from the vehicle.
  • To turn off the engine, press the Remote Engine Stop button on the Hyundai Digital Key app.
  • The engine remains running for about 10 minutes, and then automatically shuts OFF.
  • To keep the engine running, place the smartphone on the vehicle authentication pad (wireless charging pad) while the engine is still running.

For more information, refer to the “Button Start Ignition Switch” section in Chapter 6.


  • If your windows have metallic window tint, it may cause the Bluetooth connection to be poor or the digital key’s performance to degrade.
  • Only one user must use the remote control function at a time. If multiple users operate the remote control function simultaneously, the connection between the digital key and the vehicle may result in failed commands. Connect and operate the remote control function by only the necessary user.
  • When using the remote control operation and app, the driver (the remote control user) must leave the vehicle after confirming the doors are locked (the chime sounds once and the hazard warning lights blink).
  • The remote functions of the Hyundai Digital Key app enables the vehicle to be controlled from a set distance. If the digital key or the vehicle goes beyond the operable distance, the remote control function might be disconnected or canceled.
  • If the digital key (smartphone key) is too far away from the vehicle, the mobile phone signal is weak, the Bluetooth connection is poor, or the driver with the key goes far away from the vehicle, the remote control function may not work.
  • If the remote control is used where the mobile connection is weak, Bluetooth connection is poor due to several Bluetooth devices, or there is an object such as metal or concrete, it may be delayed or the operable distance may decrease. Do not cover the smartphone with your hand or place other devices that may cause frequency interference. It may result in poor performance.
  • If the remote control is unavailable, use NFC function to lock or unlock the doors.
  • Be careful not to unintentionally press the remote control buttons in the digital key app.

Vehicle information display

The Hyundai Digital Key app displays vehicle information such as driving or door conditions.

  • Select the vehicle and touch the vehicle image. The vehicle information page appears.
  • The displayed vehicle data may slightly differ from the current vehicle condition.

For more information, refer to the tutorial on your Hyundai Digital Key app.

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