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Hyundai Tucson: How to Use the Digital Key (Smartphone Key) / Starting the engine

A : Vehicle authentication pad (Wireless charging pad)

1. After placing your registered smartphone on the vehicle authentication pad (wireless charging pad), depress the brake pedal and press the Button Start ignition switch.

2. After start-up, the digital key data will be automatically updated within 5 to 20 seconds, then you can remove the smartphone from the pad.


When you lock or unlock the doors using your Hyundai digital key after reconnecting the vehicle battery or charging the battery, it may take a little longer for the vehicle to authenticate. Hold your smartphone near the NFC door handle sensor for a few seconds or until the door lock actuation is heard.

Note that if your vehicle is parked in an area where cell coverage is weak, the smartphone digital key can still be used on for a limited number of times to unlock and start your vehicle.

After starting your vehicle, it is recommended to leave your smartphone on the vehicle authentication pad (wireless charging pad) until cell phone service is stronger and digital key authentication occurs.

Once authentication is complete, the wireless charger turns on (wireless charging LED illuminates).


Do not leave children unattended in the vehicle when using the Hyundai digital key to prevent serious injury or death. The engine may be turned on if the registered smartphone key or card key is placed on the vehicle authentication pad (wireless charging pad).

Always have the registered digital key (smartphone key or card key) with you to prevent the vehicle’s unintended movement or theft when leaving the vehicle.

For more information, refer to the “Button Start Ignition Switch” section in Chapter 6.

    Locking/Unlocking the doors
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    Remotely controlling the vehicle
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