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Hyundai Tucson: Remote Key / Remote key precautions

The remote key may not work if any of the following occur:

  • The key is in the ignition switch.
  • The maximum operating distance limit is exceeded (about 32 feet (10 m)).
  • The remote key battery is weak.
  • Other vehicles or objects may block the signals.
  • The weather is extremely cold.
  • The remote key is close to a radio transmitter such as radio station or airport that can interfere with normal operation of the remote key.

When the remote key does not work correctly, unlock and lock the door with the mechanical key. If you have a problem with the remote key, contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

If the remote key is in close proximity to your mobile phone, the signals could be blocked by your mobile phone’s operational signals.

This is especially important when the phone is active such as making and receiving calls, text messaging, and/or sending/receiving emails.

Avoid placing the remote key and your mobile phone in the same location and always try to maintain an adequate distance between the two devices.


Keep the remote key away from electromagnetic materials that may block electromagnetic waves to the key surface.

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