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Hyundai Tucson: Head Restraints / Rear seat head restraint

The rear seats are equipped with head restraint in all the seating positions for the passenger’s safety and comfort.

Adjusting the height up and down

To raise the head restraint:

1. Pull it up to the desired position 1.

To lower the head restraint:

1. Press and hold the release button 2 on the head restraint support.

2. Lower the head restraint to the desired position 3.


To remove the head restraint:

1. Raise the head restraint as far as it can go.

2. Press the head restraint release button 1 while pulling up the head restraint 2.

To reinstall the head restraint:

1. Put the head restraint poles into the holes 3 while pressing the release button 1.

2. Adjust the head restraint to the appropriate height.

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