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Hyundai Tucson: If You Have a Flat Tire / Jack Label

The actual jack label in the vehicle may differ from the illustration.

For more detailed specifications, refer to the label attached to the jack.

1. Model Name
2. Maximum allowable load
3. Always apply the parking brake before using a jack.
4. Always turn off the engine before using a jack.
5. Never put any portion of your body under the vehicle supported by a jack.
6. Only use the designated jacking locations on the frame.
7. When supporting the vehicle, have the base plate of the jack flat on the ground under the lifting point.
8. Shift to the P (Park) position with the automatic transmission.
9. Do not jack the vehicle on an incline. Only jack the vehicle on a firm level ground.
10. Jack manufacturer
11. Production date
12. Representative company and address

    Jack and Tools
    1 Jack handle 2 Jack 3 Wheel nut wrench The jack and wheel lug wrench are stored in the luggage compartment under the luggage box cover. The jack is provided for emergency tire changing ...

    Changing Tires
    WARNING Because the vehicle may slip or roll off of a jack causing serious injury or death, take the following safety precautions: • Never place any portion of your body under the vehicl ...

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