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Hyundai Tucson: Instrument Cluster / Instrument Cluster

1 Tachometer
2 Speedometer
3 Engine coolant temperature gauge
4 Fuel gauge
5 Warning and indicator lights
6 Cluster display

Instrument Cluster

Instrument Cluster Control
Instrument panel illumination When the vehicle’s parking lights or headlights are on, press the illumination control switch to adjust the brightness of the instrument panel illumination. You ...

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Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2023 Owner's Manual: Blind-Spot Collision Warning Settings
Blind-Spot Safety With the ignition switch ON, go to User Settings > Driver Assistance > Blind- Spot Safety (for cluster type) or Setup > Vehicle > Driver Assistance > Blind-Spot Safety (for infotainment system type) from the Settings menu to select the following: I ...

Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2023 Owner's Manual: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Vehicle Certification Label. Tire Specification and Pressure Label
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the number used in registering your vehicle and in all legal matters pertaining to its ownership, etc. The number is punched on the body panel between the engine and the interior of the vehicle. The VIN i ...

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