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Hyundai Tucson: Instrument Cluster / Instrument Cluster Control

Instrument panel illumination

When the vehicle’s parking lights or headlights are on, press the illumination control switch to adjust the brightness of the instrument panel illumination.

You can adjust the brightness of the instrument panel illumination from the Settings menu in the instrument cluster or infotainment system when the ignition switch is ON.


User Settings > Lights > Illumination (for cluster type)

Setup > Vehicle > Cluster > Brightness (for infotainment system type)

When the vehicle’s parking lights or headlights are on, interior switch illumination intensity and mood lights are also adjusted.


Never adjust the instrument panel illumination while driving to prevent death, serious injury, or vehicle damage.


  • When the brightness setting reaches either the minimum or maximum level, a chime sounds.
  • The infotainment system may change after software updates. For more information, refer to the user's manual provided in the infotainment system and the quick reference guide.
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