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Hyundai Tucson: Power Liftgate / Automatic Reversal

During power liftgate operation if the power liftgate senses any obstacle, the liftgate stops or fully opens. The automatic reverse feature may not operate properly, or it may operate unexpectedly under the following circumstances:

  • The automatic reverse feature may not detect the resistance if the detected resistance is below a certain level, or if the liftgate is almost fully closed near the latched position.
  • The automatic reverse feature may operate if a strong impact is applied with no obstructions placed.


Never deliberately place any object or use your body part to test the automatic reverse feature.


The power liftgate may stop operating if the automatic reverse feature operates more than two times while attempting to open or close the liftgate. If this occurs, carefully open or close the liftgate manually, and then after 30 seconds try to operate the power liftgate automatically again.

    Operating the Power Liftgate
    Power liftgate open/close button (Smart key, Instrument panel) When the liftgate is closed, press the power liftgate open/close button for 1 second. The power liftgate opens with a warnin ...

    Setting the Power Liftgate
    To use each feature, you must select the opening speed or opening height from the Settings menu. Deselect the settings when you do not want to use the feature. Power liftgate opening speed To ...

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