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Hyundai Tucson: Panoramic Sunroof / Resetting the Sunroof

To reset the Sunroof:

1. Start the vehicle in P (Park).
2. Make sure the power sunshade and sunroof glass are in the fully closed position.
3. Release the switch when the power sunshade and sunroof glass are fully closed.
4. Push the switch forward until the power sunshade and sunroof glass move slightly. Then release the switch.
5. Push and hold the sunroof switch forward again until the power sunshade and sunroof glass slide open and close.

Do not release the switch until the operation is completed. If you release the switch, start again from Step 2.


If the sunroof is not reset after the vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged, or the sunroof fuse is blown, the sunroof may not operate normally.

    Automatic Reversal
    If the power sunshade or sunroof glass senses any obstruction while closing, it reverses direction then stops. The automatic reverse feature may not work if a thin or soft object is caught ...

    Sunroof Open Warning
    If the driver turns off the engine when the sunroof is not fully closed, the warning chime sounds for several seconds and the sunroof open warning appears on the cluster display. Close the ...

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