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Hyundai Tucson: Panoramic Sunroof / Automatic Reversal

If the power sunshade or sunroof glass senses any obstruction while closing, it reverses direction then stops.

The automatic reverse feature may not work if a thin or soft object is caught between the sliding power sunshade or sunroof glass and sunroof sash.


  • Make sure that heads, hands, arms, any other body parts, or objects are out of the way before operating the sunroof. Body parts or objects may get caught causing injuries or vehicle damage.
  • Never deliberately use your body parts to test the automatic reverse feature.


  • Do not continue to push the sunroof switch after the sunroof is fully opened, closed, or tilted. Damage to the sunroof motor may occur or may cause the motor or sunroof system to malfunction.
  • Using the sunroof for a long time may make noise caused by dust accumulated between the sunroof and vehicle body. Open the sunroof and remove dust regularly using a clean cloth.
  • Do not try to open the sunroof when the temperature is below freezing or when the sunroof is covered with snow or ice. Otherwise, the motor may be damaged. In a cold and wet weather, the sunroof may not work properly.
  • Do not open or drive with the sunroof glass open immediately after rain or washing the vehicle. Water may wet the interior of the vehicle.
  • Do not extend any cargo outside the sunroof while driving.


Do not extend your head, arms, body parts or objects outside the sunroof while driving.

    Slide Open/Close
    Push the sunroof switch rearward. The sunroof glass slides open. If the power sunshade is closed, the power sunshade opens first and then the sunroof glass opens. Push the sunroof ...

    Resetting the Sunroof
    To reset the Sunroof: 1. Start the vehicle in P (Park). 2. Make sure the power sunshade and sunroof glass are in the fully closed position. 3. Release the switch when the power sunshade a ...

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