Hyundai Tucson Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Tucson: Seats / Rear Seats

Seatback angle

To recline the seatback:

1. Pull up the seatback recline lever.

2. Hold the lever and adjust the seatback of the seat to the desired position.

3. Release the lever and make sure the seatback is locked in place. (The lever MUST return to its original position for the seatback to lock.)

Folding the rear seat

The rear seatbacks can be folded to facilitate carrying long items or to increase the rear cargo volume in the vehicle.


  • Never allow passengers to sit on top of the folded down seatback while the vehicle is moving. This is not a proper seating position and no seat belts are available for use. This could result in serious injury or death in a collision or sudden stop.
  • Objects carried on the folded down seatback should not extend higher than the top of the front seatbacks. This could allow cargo to slide forward and property damage or serious injury or even death during a collision or sudden stop.

To fold down the rear seatback:

1. Adjust the front seatback to the upright position and if necessary, slide the front seat forward.

2. Lower the rear head restraints to the lowest position by pushing and holding the release button 1 and pushing down on the head restraint 2.

3. Insert the rear seat belt buckle in the pocket between the rear seatback and cushion, and insert the rear seat belt webbing in the guide to prevent the seat belt from being damaged.

4. Pull up the seatback folding lever, then fold the seat toward the front of the vehicle.

To use unfold the rear seatback:

1. Lift and push the seatback rearward while lifting up the front portion of the folding lever.

2. Push the seatback firmly until it clicks into place. Make sure the seatback is locked in place.


Lock the seatback properly. In a collision or sudden stop, an unlocked seatback may allow cargo to move forward with great force and may result in serious injury or death.


Make sure the engine is off, the vehicle is shifted to P (Park), and the parking brake is applied before loading or unloading cargo to prevent unintended movement of the vehicle.


Cargo should always be secured to prevent it from moving in a collision and causing serious injury or death to the vehicle occupants. Do not place objects in the rear seats, because they cannot be properly secured and may hit the front seat occupants in a collision.

Remote seatback release handle (Cargo area)

Pull the remote seatback release handle 1 located on either side in the rear cargo area.


The armrest is located in the center of the rear seat. Pull the armrest down from the seatback to use it.

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