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Hyundai Tucson: High Beam Assist (HBA) / High Beam Assist Malfunction and Limitations

System malfunction

When High Beam Assist is not working properly, the "Check High Beam Assist (HBA) system" warning message may appear, and the warning light may illuminate on the instrument cluster. Contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Limitations of High Beam Assist

High Beam Assist may not work properly in the following situations if:

  • The headlights from an oncoming or front vehicle is damaged or out of the detection range.
  • The headlights from an oncoming or front vehicle are covered with dust, snow, or water.
  • An oncoming or front vehicle’s headlights are off but the fog lamps are on.
  • There are lights that have a similar shape as a vehicle’s light ahead.
  • The headlights are not repaired or replaced properly.
  • The headlights are not aimed properly.
  • You are driving on a narrow curved road, rough road, uphill, or downhill.
  • A front vehicle is partially visible at a crossroad or on a curved road.
  • There is a temporary reflector or flash ahead (construction area).
  • There is a traffic light, reflecting sign, LED sign, or reflectors ahead.
  • The road is wet or covered with snow or ice.
  • A vehicle suddenly appears from a curve.
  • The vehicle is tilted due to a flat tire or being towed.
  • The headlights from an oncoming or front vehicle is not detected because of exhaust fumes, smoke, fog, snow, blizzard, water spray on the road, or windshield condensation, etc.


For more information on the limitations of the front view camera, refer to the “Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)” section in Chapter 7.


  • Always check road conditions, and if necessary, take appropriate actions to drive safely. It is your responsibility to operate your vehicle in a safe manner.
  • If High Beam Assist does not operate properly, use the turn signal lever to switch between high beam and low beam.
  • High Beam Assist may not operate for 15 seconds right after your vehicle is started or when the front view camera is initialized.
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