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Hyundai Tucson: Driver Attention Warning (DAW) / Driver Attention Warning Settings

With the ignition switch ON, go to User Settings > Driver assistance > Driver Assistance > Driver Attention Warning (for cluster type) or Setup > Vehicle > Driver Assistance > Driver Attention Warning (for infotainment system type) from the Settings menu to set the following:

Inattentive Driving Warning

If Inattentive Driving Warning is selected, Driver Attention Warning recommends to take a break when the attention level falls below a certain level.

Leading Vehicle Departure Alert

If Leading Vehicle Departure Alert is selected, the function informs you when a detected vehicle in front departs from a stop.


When the engine is restarted, Driver Attention Warning maintains the last setting.


You can change the Warning Timing settings or select Driving Safety Priority for Driver Attention Warning from the Settings menu. For more information, refer to the "Driver Assistance System Settings" section in this chapter.

    Driver Attention Warning (DAW)
    Basic function Driver Attention Warning uses the front view camera to help monitor your driving pattern and uses the driving time to recommend a break. Leading Vehicle Departure Alert functi ...

    Driver Attention Warning Operation
    Basic function The Driver Attention Warning informs you of the "Attention Level" and when to "Consider taking a break". Attention level The driver’s attention level appears on a scale of ...

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