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Hyundai Tucson: Idle Stop and Go (ISG) System / Conditions that Restart the Engine

The engine is automatically restarted if:

  • The brake vacuum pressure is low.
  • The engine has stopped for about 5 minutes.
  • The air conditioning is ON with the fan speed set to a certain high level.
  • The front defroster is ON.
  • The battery is weak.
  • The cooling and heating performance of the climate control system is unsatisfactory.
  • The vehicle is shifted to P (Park) or R (Reverse) when Auto Hold is activated.
  • The door is opened or the seatbelt is unfastened when Auto Hold is activated.
  • The EPB switch is pressed when Auto Hold is activated.

The Auto Stop () indicator blinks in green for 5 seconds on the instrument cluster when the engine is restarted.


When the engine is in Idle Stop mode, the engine may restart without the driver taking any action. Before leaving the vehicle or working in the engine compartment, turn off the engine by moving the ignition switch to the OFF position, shifting to P (Park), applying the parking brake, and taking the key with you when you leave the vehicle.

    ISG System Off
    Type A Type B Press the ISG OFF button to turn off the ISG system. The ISG OFF button indicator illuminates. To use the system, press the ISG OFF button again. ...

    ISG Malfunction
    ISG system may not operate if: The Auto Stop () indicator illuminates in yellow on the instrument cluster. The ISG OFF button illuminates. Contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer for ...

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