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Hyundai Tucson: Interior Features / Cargo Security Screen

Using the cargo security screen

1. Pull the cargo security screen toward the rear of the vehicle by the handle 1.

2. Insert the guide pin 2 into the guides on both sides 3.

When the cargo security screen is not used:

Pull the cargo security screen backward and up to release it from the guides. The cargo security screen automatically slides back in.


The cargo security screen may not automatically slide back in if the cargo security screen is not fully pulled out. Pull the cargo screen out all the way and then slowly allow the screen to retract back in.


  • Do not place objects on the cargo security screen. Such objects may be thrown about inside the vehicle and possibly injure vehicle occupants during a collision or when braking.
  • Never allow anyone to ride in the cargo area.

Removing the cargo security screen

1. Push one side of the cargo screen inward to compress the spring and then release the screen from the vehicle.

2. While the spring is compressed, pull out the cargo security screen.

3. Open the cargo tray and keep the cargo security screen in the tray.

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