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Hyundai Tucson: Wipers and Washers / Windshield Wipers

Operates as follows when the ignition switch is turned ON.

MIST: For a single wiping cycle, move the lever up (MIST) and release it. The wipers operate continuously if the lever is held in this position.

OFF: Wipers are not in operation.

INT: Wipers operate intermittently at the same wiping intervals. Use this mode in light rain or mist. To change the speed setting, turn the speed control knob.

LO: The wiper runs at a lower speed.

HI: The wiper runs at a higher speed.


If there is heavy accumulation of snow or ice on the windshield, defrost the windshield for about 10 minutes, or until the snow and/or ice is removed to prevent damage to the wiper and washer system.

AUTO wiper control

The rain sensor located on the upper end of the windshield glass senses the amount of rainfall and controls the interval of the wiping cycle.

To change the sensitivity setting, turn the sensitivity control knob.

If the wiper switch is set in the AUTO mode when the ignition switch is in the ON position, the wiper operates once to perform a self-check of the system. Set the wiper to the OFF position when the wiper is not used.


To prevent personal injury:

  • Do not touch the upper end of the windshield glass near the rain sensor.
  • Do not wipe the upper end of the windshield glass with a damp or wet cloth.
  • Do not put pressure on the windshield glass.


To prevent damage:

  • When washing the vehicle, set the wiper to the OFF position to stop the auto wiper operation.
  • Do not remove the sensor cover located on the upper end of the passenger side windshield glass.
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