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Hyundai Tucson: Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) / Warning messages

To release EPB, fasten seatbelt and close door, hood and liftgate

If the driver's seat belt is unfastened, or the hood, liftgate, doors are open, and you try to drive with EPB applied, a warning sounds and a message appears.


To prevent serious injury or death from unintended vehicle movement:

  • Always come to a complete stop and continue to depress the brake pedal before parking, shift the gear into P (Park), pull up the EPB switch, and move the ignition switch to the LOCK/ OFF position. Take the key with you when leaving the vehicle.
  • Never allow anyone who is unfamiliar with the vehicle to touch the EPB switch.
  • Only release EPB when you are seated inside the vehicle with your foot firmly on the brake pedal.


Driving with the parking brake on may overheat the braking system and cause premature wear or damage to brake parts.


When leaving your keys with a parking attendant or assistant, be sure to inform him/her how to operate the EPB.

AUTO HOLD turning Off! Press brake pedal

When the conversion from Auto Hold to EPB is not working properly, a warning sounds and a message appears.

Parking brake automatically engaged

When EPB is applied while Auto Hold is activated, a warning sounds and a message appears.

    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
    Applying the parking brake To apply EPB (Electronic Parking Brake): 1. Depress and hold the brake pedal. 2. Pull up the EPB switch. Make sure the Parking Brake warning light comes on. EPB (E ...

    EPB malfunction
    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) warning light illuminates if the ignition switch is in the ON position and goes off in about 3 seconds if the system is operating normally. If the EPB warning l ...

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