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  • It is permissible to add 3 psi to the standard tire pressure specification if colder temperatures are expected soon. Tires typically lose 1 psi (7 kPa) for every 12 °F (7 °C) temperature drop. If extreme temperature variations are expected, recheck your tire pressure as necessary to keep them properly inflated.
  • Tire inflation pressures may vary depending on changes in elevation. If driving in areas of higher or lower elevation, be sure to check and adjust for proper tire inflation.
  • Do not exceed the maximum inflation pressure, as found on the sidewall of the tire(s).


When replacing tires, ALWAYS use the same size, type, brand, construction, and tread pattern supplied with the vehicle. If not, it can damage the related parts or make it work irregularly.

    Dimensions. Engine. Bulb Wattage
    Dimensions Engine Bulb Wattage ...

    Air Conditioning System. Volume and Weight
    Air Conditioning System Contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer for more details. Volume and Weight ...

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    Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2024 Owner's Manual: Panoramic Sunroof
    If your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, you can slide or tilt your sunroof with the sunroof switch located on the overhead console. The sunroof can be operated when the ignition switch is in the ON or START position. The sunroof can also be operated for about 3 minutes after the ...

    Hyundai Tucson (NX4) 2022-2024 Owner's Manual: Unlocking your vehicle
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