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Hyundai Tucson: Downhill Brake Control (DBC) / System operation

Downhill Brake Control disabled. Control vehicle speed

If Downhill Brake Control is not working properly, this warning message appears on the cluster display and you may hear a warning sound. If this occurs, control the vehicle speed by depressing the brake pedal.


Always turn off Downhill Brake Control on normal roads. The system might activate inadvertently from the standby mode when driving through speed bumps or making sharp curves.


  • Downhill Brake Control may not deactivate on steep inclines even though the brake pedal or accelerator pedal is depressed.
  • Downhill Brake Control may not always maintain vehicle speed at a certain speed.
  • Downhill Brake Control does not operate when:
    - The gear is in P (Park).
    - ESC is activated.
  • Noise or vibration may occur from the brakes when Downhill Brake Control is activated.
  • The rear stop light comes on when Downhill Brake Control is activated.
    Downhill Brake Control (DBC)
    Downhill Brake Control assists when descending down a steep hill without having to depress the brake pedal. The system automatically applies the brakes to maintain vehicle speed below a cer ...

    Good Braking Practices
    WARNING Whenever leaving the vehicle or parking, always come to a complete stop and continue to depress the brake pedal. Shift the gear to the P (Park) position, apply the parking brake, and ...

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