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Hyundai Tucson: Key Ignition Switch / Starting the Engine


  • Always wear appropriate shoes when operating your vehicle. Unsuitable shoes such as high heels, ski boots, sandals, and flip-flops may interfere with your ability to use the brake, accelerator, and clutch pedals. Do not drive barefoot.
  • Do not start your vehicle with the accelerator pedal depressed. Place your foot firmly on the brake pedal while starting your vehicle.
  • Wait until the engine is at normal idle before shifting gears and releasing the brake. Your vehicle may move suddenly if your vehicle is shifted while the engine RPM is high. It may cause damage to the transmission system.

1. Make sure the parking brake is applied.

2. Make sure the shift lever/button is in P (Park).

3. Depress the brake pedal.

4. Turn the ignition switch to the START position. Hold the key (maximum of 10 seconds) until the engine starts, and then release the key.


  • Do not wait for the engine to warm up or race the engine while the vehicle remains stationary.
  • Start driving at moderate engine speeds. Do not rapidly accelerate and decelerate while driving.


To prevent damage to the vehicle:

  • Do not hold the ignition key in the START position for more than 10 seconds. Wait 5 to 10 seconds before trying again.
  • Do not turn the ignition switch to the START position with the engine running. It may damage the starter.
  • If the engine stalls while the vehicle is moving, shift to N (Neutral) and use the ignition switch to attempt to restart the engine.
  • Do not push or tow your vehicle to start the engine.
    Key Ignition Switch Positions

    Turning Off the Engine
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