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Hyundai Tucson: Hyundai Digital Key / Limitations of the System

Hyundai Digital Key app on the smartphone and card key may not work if:

  • Hyundai Digital Key app is deleted.
  • Account login information for Hyundai Digital Key app has expired.
  • Logged in with another smartphone instead of the registered smartphone with the same user account.
  • Smartphone rooting or app hacking is detected.
  • Smartphone battery or the vehicle battery is discharged.
  • Smartphone screen is off or locked.
  • NFC or Bluetooth is turned off on the smartphone settings.
  • Smartphone’s mobile network setting is off or airplane mode is activated.
  • The card key is in a wallet or card holder, or overlapped with other cards.
  • If you use a smartphone cover that uses wireless communication or is made of metal, remove the smartphone cover.

The vehicle may not be controlled by the smartphone if any of the following occurs:

  • Other smartphone functions (calls, urgent call, audio or NFC payment), apps, or wireless earphones are operating.
  • The digital key app function such as basic setting or app launching is limited by the prior policy according to the manufacturer.
  • If you have changed the smartphone number, modify the user account information on the HYUNDAI customer web site.
  • If the vehicle owner has changed the smartphone, register the new smartphone in the vehicle after deleting the registered digital key (smartphone).
  • If a sharer have changed or reset the smartphone, share the key again.


  • Do not leave the registered digital key (smartphone key or card key) in your vehicle. Carry it when leaving the vehicle.
  • If you lose your smartphone or card key, immediately delete the key on the vehicle’s key menu. For more information, refer to the "Digital Key Delete" section in this chapter.
  • If your registered smartphone key or card key is in the vehicle, the digital key(s) active message appears on the instrument cluster.
  • If you buy a used vehicle, delete the registered smartphone key and card key.
  • If the digital key is not working or the vehicle battery is discharged, use the outside keyhole to lock all the doors.
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