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Hyundai Tucson: Driver Attention Warning (DAW) / Driver Attention Warning Malfunction and Limitations

Driver Attention Warning malfunction

When Driver Attention Warning is not working properly, the "Check Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system" warning message may appear, and the () warning light may illuminate on the instrument cluster. Have the vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Limitations of Driver Attention Warning

Driver Attention Warning may not work properly if:

  • Your vehicle is driven aggressively or steered sharply from side to side.
  • Your vehicle intentionally changes lanes frequently.
  • Another Driver Assist system such as Lane Keeping Assist, is maintaining your vehicle's position within the lane.

Leading Vehicle Departure Alert

Leading Vehicle Departure Alert may not operate properly:

A: Your vehicle, B: Front vehicle

  • If a vehicle cuts in front of your vehicle.

A: Your vehicle, B: Front vehicle

  • If the vehicle in front makes a sharp turn, such as to turn left or right or make a U-turn.

  • If the vehicle in front abruptly departs.

  • If there is a pedestrian(s) or bicycle(s) in between you and the vehicle in front.

  • If a vehicle parked in front of you in a parking lot, drives away from you.

  • If it is difficult to detect vehicles in front because the lanes ahead are merged or divided when your vehicle is stopped.


For more information on the precautions of the front view camera, refer to the "Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)" section in this chapter.


Driver Attention Warning may not operate for 15 seconds right after your vehicle is started or when the front view camera is initialized.

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