Hyundai Tucson Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Tucson: Driver Assistance System Sensors / Cameras

Front view camera

The front view camera is mounted near the top of the windshield inside your vehicle.

Wide-front view camera

The wide-front view camera is mounted on the front grill outside your vehicle.

Wide-side view camera

The wide-side view cameras are mounted to the bottom of the side view mirrors outside your vehicle.

Wide-rear view camera

The wide-rear view camera is mounted above the license plate holder outside your vehicle.


To prevent serious injury or death:

  • Never disassemble the camera sensors or camera sensor assemblies.
  • Only have the detecting sensor replaced or repaired by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
  • Never install any accessories, stickers, or tint the front windshield.
  • Always keep the camera dry.
  • Never place any reflective objects (e.g. white paper, mirror) on the dashboard.
  • Do not use any cleanser containing acid or alkaline detergents when cleaning the camera lenses. Use only a mild soap or neutral detergent, and rinse thoroughly with water.
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