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Hyundai Tucson: Driver Assistance System / Before Using Driver Assistance System


Always maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead and adjust your vehicle speed to the road conditions. Driver Assistance system may not operate in all situations and cannot avoid all collisions.

To prevent serious injury or death:

  • Control your vehicle at all times. In some cases, the Driver Assistance system may provide unanticipated braking or steering.
  • Never attempt to activate any Driver Assistance system by intentionally driving toward people, animals, objects, or other vehicles.
  • The steering, braking, and acceleration inputs from you may override the responses from driver assistance system.
  • Do not use Driver Assistance system when towing a trailer or using a hitch mounted carrier.
  • Do not use Driver Assistance system if you believe the sensors or the systems may not be functioning properly.


Driver Assistance system’s functions can be updated by infotainment software update. Descriptions of each function may differ from the owners' manual once updated. Refer to the user's manual provided in the infotainment system and the quick reference guide.

Limitations of Driver Assistance System

Nearby vehicles, road conditions, or other factors may delay the response from Driver Assistance system or cause these systems not to function, including:

  • Lane-restricted driving situations (tollbooths, construction zones, etc.)
  • Curves, hills, or other road features that may detect vehicles in adjacent lanes or not detect vehicles ahead in the roadway
  • If other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists are not detected
  • Driving in inclement weather, such as heavy rain, snow or icy conditions
  • Interference from strong electromagnetic waves
  • Streets with railroad tracks or other embedded metal objects
  • If anything is blocking or covering a sensor
  • If any camera, radar, or sensor is damaged
Driver Assistance System

Driver Assistance System Settings
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